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Innovative Sports Medicine Treatments

Wisconsin Bone & Joint’s Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Sean Tracy, specializes in providing comprehensive sports medicine services including the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Regardless of the level of the athlete—recreational, high school, college, even professionals—Dr. Tracy strives to provide the highest quality, state-of-the-art health care services.

Dean Traber

I had surgery back in 2002 if i had not gone to Dr. Robbins I feel that I would not be walking today.

Jason Oberg

I herniated C4/5 so bad I had no choice but to get surgery. C5/6 was also giving me issues. Dr. Robbins did a double disc replacement for me. Minimal amount of pain for the surgery, fixed my discs and gave me my life back. Highly recommended.

Tom P.

3 yrs of increasing right shoulder issues culminating in excruciating pain and heavy meds w/o relief. finally could tolerate no more and went to dr. h. surgery was yesterday -ergo, no caps/punctuation-post-op pain so much less than pre-op and everyone so kind to me. i am so pleased,cared for and

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