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Dr. Jake Bauwens is very informative.  He takes the time to discuss options and diagnosis!! I would recommend Dr. Bauwens to family and friends!! […]

Dr. Bauwens was great to meet with and he handle my situation very well. His communication was very good and he is a great doctor!! I would definitely refer him to my family and […]

He handled my situation quite well. I would definitely refer my family and friends to Dr. […]

Dr. Bauwens is very kind and professional. He was thorough and provided me with many options to avoid having surgery. He provided a break0down of what he was seeing in my X-ray in a manner easy to […]

Great visit with Dr. Bauwens today!! I would definitely refer my family and friends to Dr. […]

Dr. Jake Bauwens was awesome! He took the time needed to listen to my concerns while still being efficient. I would definitely come back to see him for another injury if […]

Patient Testimonial 3

Dr. Jake Bauwens was great and I highly recommend him to future patients and their families. […]

Patient Testimonial

Very good bedside Manners. Prompt and courteous reception. […]

Patient Testimonial

Really, really nice doctor!! Made. my son feel comfortable and welcome.  We really enjoyed meeting Dr. Jake Bauwens!! […]

Patient Testimonial 3

Dr. Jake Bauwens listened to all my concerns and was thorough with the exam.  He was friendly and treated me respectfully.  He was very information and explained things very well.!! […]

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