Thomas Huizenga, MD

Areas Of Specialization

General Orthopedics


Dr. Thomas B. Huizenga

Orthopaedic Surgeon

(5/5) Patient Experience Rating
71 Total Reviews

Dr. Huizenga specializes in general orthopedics, which includes surgical as well as non-surgical treatment of a wide range of conditions of the upper and lower extremities. He believes that a good doctor/patient relationship is critical to providing the best care possible. Developing that relationship with patients is truly one of the most rewarding aspects of Dr. Huizenga’s job. He strives to provide care that he would expect for himself or a member of his own family.


Trinity University Honors Program
San Antonio, Texas
BA Chemistry

St. Louis University Hospital
St. Louis, Missouri

Medical School
Medical College of Wisconsin
Doctor of Medicine
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Glendale Location
525 W. River Woods Parkway, Suite 130
Glendale (Milwaukee),WI 53212
Phone: 414-961-0304
Fax: 414-961-2061

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