Verified Review

Published On: December 15th, 2021

Dr. Ferguson is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. Having read a few negative reviews, I felt compelled to share my extremely positive experiences. I have dealt with foot pain for over a decade. Dr. Ferguson has performed two separate successful foot surgeries on me. As a result of his expertise, my pain has been significantly reduced. No bone surgery can relieve 100% of long-term pain, and one needs to be realistic about this prior to committing to a procedure. Dr. Ferguson is an exemplary, competent, knowledgeable surgeon and I would highly recommend him if you are experiencing chronic pain and looking for a surgical solution. Yes, he is a busy man. Yes, allot extra wait time, as his appointments may run behind. But these are small sacrifices, knowing your mobility is in excellent hands. The reviewers who described him as “rude”, are likely overly sensitive and without a sense of humor, or were disrespectful to him. I would describe Dr. Ferguson as a kind, compassionate, down-to-earth, no-nonsense, results-oriented surgeon. He is smart and experienced. He takes his time, answers all questions, and listens, but he is not there to be your BFF; he is there to help you live with less pain. He is in-demand, so schedule your appointment well in advance and know you are secure in his professional hands.