Talus Fractures

What are the Talus Fractures?

The talus is one of the important bones that make up the ankle joint. Over half of the talus is covered with cartilage. It serves as an important link between the leg and the foot. The talus moves not only at the ankle joint but also below the ankle and in the midfoot. Injuries to the talus can affect the motion of the ankle and foot joints.

Most injuries to the talus result from motor vehicle accidents, but falls from heights are another common source of talus injuries. An increasing number of talus fractures result from snowboarding, which uses a soft boot that is not rigid enough to prevent ankle injuries. The most common symptoms of a talus fracture include:

• Pain
• Inability to bear weight without intense pain
• Swelling, redness, and tenderness

If left untreated, talus fractures will cause problems later on. You might struggle to move your ankle, develop arthritis and chronic pain, and/or your bone could collapse. Surgery is almost always needed to repair a fractured talus, unless it is a very rare case wherein the foot needs only casting.

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