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The average person walks more than 125,000 miles in a lifetime. Walking this distance over the course of a lifetime requires a person’s feet to be strong and stable.

Total Ankle Replacement

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The physicians at Wisconsin Bone & Joint utilize cutting-edge technology to assess, diagnose and work with patients to develop innovative treatment plans for a variety of foot and ankle conditions and injuries. Our team of physicians are committed to providing you with the best treatment options to alleviate your foot and ankle pain.

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At Wisconsin Bone and Joint, we pride ourselves with providing you highly personalized and comprehensive orthopedic care. Our philosophy of direct physician-to-patient care means your physician will be an intrical part of every stage of your care. This commitment to a dedicated continuum-of-care model has made us one of the most trusted and respected practices in Southeast Wisconsin and greater Milwaukee area.

Total Ankle Replacement

What Is Total Ankle Replacement?

Otherwise know as “ankle arthroplasty,” total ankle replacement surgery is a technique that has developed in recent years in response to the need to effectively improve an ankle joint that has been severely damaged by injury or some form of arthritis. When other, more conservative methods of treating disabilities in the ankle have proven inadequate, joint replacement surgery may represent the best hope for long-term improvement to the ankle joint.

Both sides of the ankle are removed and replaced with specially designed artificial parts, called prostheses. The tibial prosthesis is made of medical- grade plastic with a titanium base plate tray that is inserted into the tibia and fibula. The talar component of the joint, the part that moves up and down, is replaced with a part made of cobalt chromium alloy, a metal commonly used in prostheses for other joints of the body also.

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When conservative care and treatment is appropriate, we offer the best, least invasive, least aggressive treatment options to relieve your pain and discomfort. When an injury is more serious and conservative care is not an option, our orthopedic surgeons provide the latest in innovative surgical interventions available with the goal of getting you back to the life you love. Wisconsin Bone & Joint physicians offer orthopedic services at three convenient locations in Mayfair, Glendale and Cedarburg.