Category: Jacqueline S Mlsna, MD – Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Mlsna is the finest, most compassionate physician I have ever met. She is kind and approachable and takes the time to answer any questions you may have. Her confidence is reassuring and she is a strong advocate for her […]

Patient Testimonial 3

Dr. Mlsna has been treating me for over twenty years. She feels more like family then a Dr. Her care and expertise are second to none. Also her Administrative Assistant, Jean is the […]

Patient Testimonial 2

I have seen Dr. Mlsna for 2 Hip replacements. It was so nice to have a Dr. who really cared. They were done 2yrs apart. She researched what the cause was, with me being so young. Arthritisis. I had more pain before the surgery, then after. I would always ask her to go back to she could take […]

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