Peri-Acetabular Osteotomy

PAO surgery is a hip preservation surgery performed to correct a congenital or developmental deformity of the acetabulum known as acetabular dysplasia.

If this condition remains untreated, secondary arthritis commonly develops.

Therefore, in order to relieve symptoms and improve the prognosis of the hip, this surgery is done to correct the bony anatomy and help normalize the load across the joint.

“Periacetabular” means around the acetabulum (hip socket). “Osteotomy” means to cut bone.

Therefore, PAO means to cut the bone around the acetabulum and reposition the hip socket. The PAO is a very effective procedure for the treatment of symptomatic acetabular dysplasia.

At surgery, controlled cuts are made to loosen the acetabulum from the pelvis, and the acetabulum is repositioned. An incision is made across the front of the hip joint to allow exposure of the hip and surrounding pelvis.

The use of x-ray during surgery helps direct the bony cuts and confirm the correct reorientation of the socket. The acetabulum is fixed in the new position with three or four screws.

In most uncomplicated cases the surgery takes two to three hours.

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