Recovering from Your Surgery – Orthopedic Hospital of Wisconsin (OHOW)


We personalize your experience from recovery to rehabilitation—with a plan devoted to accelerating you back to normal life.

Like everything at OHOW, our recovery room has been designed with the kind of attention to detail it takes to enhance your comfort and help get you back home. You leave with a personalized rehabilitation plan that includes rest, pain management and follow-up care.



Whether you are at home or at our state-of-the art rehab facility, we work with you to find the best road back to your normal routine.
It starts with pain management and a regimen of rest.

Once you’re up and around, we’ll work with you in our full-service, state-of-the-art rehabilitation center staffed by experienced physical and occupational therapists.

Here, you’ll experience the latest exercise and rehab equipment. Like everything at OHOW, the rehab and recovery center has been designed to maximize patient comfort and facilitate full, speedy recoveries.

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