Scooter Related Injury Prevention


Scooters, both foot-propelled and electric, are a popular way for kids of all ages to get around. In 2009, more than 67,000 visits were made to hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to scooters, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. 


Of these, more than 59,000 were related to foot-propelled scooters.

For many, scooter related injury prevention is possible if you follow the safety tips below. Most importantly, no matter your age or level of experience, when riding a scooter you should wear a helmet to protect your head from injury.


  • Children under the age of 8 years should not use scooters.
  • Know the basic skills of the activity and understand how the steering and brakes work.
  • Wear a helmet, wrist protectors, and knee and elbow pads.
  • Wear proper shoes.
  • Avoid riding downhill on steep hills, slippery or uneven surfaces, and crowded walkways or streets.
  • Do not ride a scooter at night.
  • Avoid tricks and stunts.

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