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Patient Testimonial

After having treated with a medical physician for over 5 years it is a relief to switch to Dr Donatello. Rather than pushing medications options, he has come up with treatment options that WORK. He doesn't just treat my chronic pain but is also concerned about my overall well being and stress levels […]

Patient Testimonial 3

I have been seeing Doctor Donatello for 9 years now. I have had 5 joint replacements, and a cervical discectomy and fusion. He has seen me through all of these procedures with stellar style. He ALWAYS makes sure I have what I need. All phone calls and test results are returned very promptly. I am SO […]

Patient Testimonial 2

Dr. Donatello is a phenomenal man. He is, by far and away, the kindest, most patient, and honest MD that I have ever been seen by. If you have to wait to be seen it is only because Dr. Donatello leaves no stone unturned and gives each and every patient he sees every opportunity to ask questions about […]

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