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Patient Testimonial

He was extremely fast on getting me into the office knowing my high level of pain.. only had to wait a week for my shoulder surgery. The first Doctor I went to made me wait weeks for appts . Dr Tracy explained everything to me and then asked me twice if I had any questions.. I felt safe and comfortable […]

Patient Testimonial 3

Recently, I had hip replacement surgery. Dr. Tracy and his PA Wes did an excellent job of working with me. They took the time to explain risks and expectations. Surgery went very well, as did the recovery. Overall, a great […]

Patient Testimonial 2

Dr. Tracy repaired my Left Rotator Cuff in 2001 and my Right one in 2018. He is an outstanding surgeon who takes the time to listen to your problem, diagnose exactly through the use of an MRI exam, and explains what he will need to do and how long recovery will be. I HIGHLY recommend him for […]

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